Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Immortal is Born

2003: The overture echoed through an elaborate theater as I sat, eagerly awaiting a show. Lights dimmed and velvet curtains parted to reveal a lone figure silhouetted against blue light. His voice echoed over us, the very essence of solitude, of longing.

And then I woke.

I scrambled to my piano (keyboard), fumbling in the early dawn with pen and paper to capture that singular moment.  

It worked. In fact, the next week my life was a whirlwind of midnight wakings and crazy writing sessions. The story literally fell into our laps, like the pieces of a puzzle. What started as a dream bloomed into a three hour (now 2.5 hr) musical opus.

Throughout the years Immortal has grown and changed, but it started with a dream...literally. Will it end as a dream come true?