Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Revenge and Home Schooling

We welcome you to a dose of Collier Home School for an episode of Daily Drama.

Quin--"Mom, she broke my nano-bug."

Me--"She what?"

Quin--"Kaily broke my nano-bug!"

Random--"Yeah, she bit it."

Me (disbelievingly,)--"She what? Kaily!"

Kaily (sweetly)--"Yes mom?"

Me--"Did you bite Quin's nano-bot?"

Kaily (gleefully)-- "He was mean to me so I broke it."

(Unable to believe my ears...) "You bit it?"


And as my jaw hangs she grins away.

Then time for the lesson...

Me-- "Okay Kaily, I guess you no longer have a nano-bug. Quin gets yours, and you get his."

I'm reminded that so often we act in passion, then spend hours, days, even years regretting our choices. Phineas (the vampire hunter in Immortal the Musical) started out that way: impulsive. After twenty years of diligent hunting he learned to react more carefully, and in the end that's what saved him a world of hurt.

I'll never look at a "nano-bug" (hexbug) without thinking of some little kid crunching it between her teeth, and hopefully it will serve as a reminder to respond wisely when passions flare.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In a Daze

This first week since going "public" has been such a rush; like a blind date. And a roller coaster. Or a blind date on a roller coaster.

"Hi." I extend a hand, battling the g-force. "I'm Crystal."

Teeth rattling, he reaches to shake. "I'm Exposure. Nice to meet you."

For the rest of the whirlwind ride we keep our heads forward, fighting the urge to raise our arms and scream, or puke--which ever comes first.

Of course stepping off the ride we're reminded of the solidity of mother earth, and stand back to evaluate. Are we ready for another go? Do we have the guts/stomach to face the whip-lashing neck-twisting fury?

Yup. That pretty much sums it up, except this ride doesn't stop. It doesn't slow down either. Here we go, week two, clinging to our centers and wondering when the buzz between our ears will end.