Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Remember Your Promise

For Christmas/New Years I made a goal or promise not to yell at my kids. At all. (--Which is exceedingly tricky since we home school and I'm with them 24/7.)

Now I realized when I set this "goal" it would take a significant amount of effort, especially after a sleepless night (thanks to kids nightmares) or when faced with child-induced and world-shattering disasters. (We have our abundance.) That's what we are as people, right? A work in progress? I know I am. Most days it's tough to see how far short I've come on who I want to be or what I hoped to accomplish. My husband says I do an okay job, and I try to believe him. Perhaps my problem comes in setting lofty goals, and--as my 9th grade history teacher would attest, I am absolutely obsessed with perfection.

Having kids has changed that some. I still stress about the details, but the realization hit while living in NYC (with no family local, having just birthed my 3rd child and undergone major surgery,) there are limits on what a person can do.

Yelling at my kids is not one of those...limits I mean. When I found my 4 yr old on top of the ironing board in my closet (no doubt searching for candy) my first thought was: "Get down from there before you fall!" But I didn't yell. Until I saw the mess below him.

My husband spent 7 hours on Saturday cleaning our room--thanks primarily to kid mess, and I put in two hours on top of that. You understand my agony then?

As fate would have it, I bent to clean up all that "stuff", and there in the pile was a key chain:

When we're honestly trying to do what we should little helps and reminders pop up. There is someone out there watching over us, trying to help us become our best self; someone who always keeps his promises.

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