Saturday, February 26, 2011

Truth VS Fiction

The last entry is mostly true, but I have a few...additions to make.

Truth: It took a total of 10 minutes to write this last entry. For me that's bizarrely concise.

Truth: I grew up in Utah, and YES, I did see rabbits in the snow. It's a rare occurrence, but it happened the first time while sledding with my brothers in the "hollow" behind our neighborhood.

Truth: I SING everything. Just ask my kids about my "dishes" renditions. Actually I compose while doing chores. Alot. But only if I'm happy.

Truth: I answer to Chicken--and the alias was even "cool" in high school.
Truth: I do have a scar that runs from the corner of my mouth down to the opposite side of my chin. It's faded now, but most my youth it was very obvious.

Fiction: The accident occurred when I was 5, and I have never been skiing--despite growing up in Utah.

Truth: I have made up so many stories over the years to explain that scar, but only my husband and self actually know how it happened.


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The Golden Eagle said...

Great way of hiding the lie!